• FluVouchers can only be redeemed at selected branches of participating retailers.
  • FluVouchers can either be purchased on-line using a credit or debit card or for larger quantities we can raise you a pro-forma invoice. The invoice is due for payment immediately upon issue and the FluVouchers will not be dispatched until payment is received.
  • H&G Healthcare does not accept cheque payments. You can pay by either a bank transfer or a credit / debit card. We do not charge for the use of credit cards.
  • FluVouchers will be dispatched by Special Next Day guaranteed delivery at a cost of £10 per location. This quantity will be covered by Royal Mail insurance. H&G Healthcare will replace the vouchers and make a claim on the Royal Mail after 14 days from date of postage.
  • FluVouchers purchased on a Friday will be received on the next working day.
  • There will be no refunds for unused, unwanted or expired FluVouchers.
  • H&G Healthcare is unable to offer a tracking service for the use of the FluVouchers.
  • Employees must meet the following health criteria to be able to have a flu vaccine:
    If you are able to say YES to any of the following questions you will not be able to have a flu vaccination.
    Are you under 18 years old?
    Are you breast feeding?
    Are you allergic to either eggs or chicken?
    You had an allergic reaction to a previous flu vaccination?
    As far as you are aware you are not allergic to any of the following antibiotics: Gentamicin, Polymyxin B, Neomycin, Kanamycin Formalderhyde, Octoxinol 9?
    If you are feeling unwell at the time of the vaccination?
    The nurse / pharmacist will check this information with you again when you have your flu vaccine.
  • H&G Healthcare cannot be held responsible for the supply of vaccines or the accuracy of the retailers lists. The stores lists are supplied to H&G Healthcare by the retailers, we rely upon them to update us of any changes.