• When can I buy the vouchers?

    You can buy your vouchers now but they won't be dispatched until after 1st September 2020.

  • How long will it take for my vouchers to arrive?

    Your vouchers will be sent to your registered address by special next day delivery at an additional cost of £10 as soon as your payment has cleared.

  • Will my staff have to add any additional money to the voucher to get their flu vaccination?

    No. The FluVoucher entitles you to a single dose Quadrivalent flu vaccination.

  • I want to purchase multiple vouchers for my company; do all employees need to register?


  • Is there a minimum order?

    Yes. There is a minimum order of 5 vouchers.

  • Is the purchase system secure?

    Yes. We use encrypted secure servers backed by Sage Pay the UK's leading on-line payment system.

  • How can I pay for the vouchers?

    You can pay on-line by using your debit or credit card, or if you are a company and require a quantity of vouchers we can send you a pro-forma invoice. Your vouchers will be dispatched once your payment has cleared.

  • When can I redeem my voucher?

    Vouchers can be redeemed at participating retailer between 16th September and 31st December 2020.

  • Where can I redeem my vouchers?

    Vouchers can be redeemed at participating retailers in England Wales and Scotland.

  • Do I need to book an appointment at one of the retailers?

    No. You can just turn up at the store but as demand for flu vaccinations is going to be high in 2020 it may well be worth checking with the store to ensure they have stock.

  • What is the value of the voucher?

    The voucher has no value as it is only exchangeable for a flu vaccine.

  • Are all retailers charging the same price for their flu vaccination?

    No. Each retailer has set their own prices but the voucher is sold at a fixed price and can be used at any of the participating retailers regardless of their retail price.

  • When I insert my postcode no stores come up?

    If no stores are listed for your postcode there are no retailers offering the vaccinations in your area. Try the postcode for you next nearest town inserting the first 2 letters and numbers e.g. LS1 for Leeds centre then work outwards entering LS2, then LS3 etc until you find a store in your area.

  • Will the vouchers be usable next year if I don't use it this year?

    No the vouchers will expire on 31st December each year for that years vouchers. There will be no refunds for unused vouchers.

  • If I get to the retailer and find I can't have a flu vaccination for medical reasons can I get a refund on my voucher?

    No, because by purchasing you have agreed to our terms and conditions which includes the main reasons as to why you may not be suitable to receive a vaccine.

  • Can the vouchers be copied?

    No we use the latest technology to produce our vouchers and they contain a number of security devices.

  • Are the vouchers available to download and print?

    No, printable vouchers are not yet secure enough to be able to print.

  • If I lose my voucher will you replace it?

    No. Only on payment for a new voucher.

  • Can I go to the retailers at any time?

    Yes. Most retailers are running a flu vaccine service every day but it is worth checking with them first to make sure they have supplies and are not already fully booked. Click here to check the nearest locations against your postcode.

  • I am one of the people in the designated 'at risk' category. Can I get my flu voucher free?

    No. This is a private service. If you are entitled to a free flu vaccine you should contact your own GP in the usual way.

  • Do I need to notify my GP that I have had a flu vaccination?

    You are advised to tell your GP that you have had a vaccination but it is not essential. The choice is yours.

  • I am pregnant. Can I get a flu vaccine from one of the retailers?

    Providing you are outside your first trimester.

  • I have tried using my voucher at a retailer who tells me their branch is no longer offering the flu vaccine. Can I get a refund?

    No. H&G Healthcare cannot be held responsible for the supply of vaccines or the accuracy of the retailers lists. The stores lists are supplied to H&G Healthcare by the retailers, we rely upon them to update us of any changes.

  • Who are fluvouchers.co.uk?

    Fluvouchers.co.uk is a trading name of H&G Healthcare Ltd, one of the country's leading private medical companies. Visit our web site at www.hghealthcare.co.uk.

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