A Simple Process

The easiest way to vaccinate your employees
against the winter flu:

  • Step One

    Purchase your flu vouchers on
    our website

  • Step Two

    Receive vouchers in post and distribute to employees

  • Step Three

    Employees take voucher to retailer, where a trained nurse or pharmacist will administer the vaccine

Benefits to your business:

  • Reduces employee absence rate
  • Discounts for large quantities
  • Vaccine administered by qualified staff
  • Scheme recognised nationwide
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Easy to redeem
  • Employees can receive vaccination at over 4000 stores
Protect your employees now

Easy to Redeem

A network of retailers

FluVouchers.co.uk is the recognised national flu voucher scheme with a network of over 4000 retail outlets accepting the vouchers.

2019 FluVouchers are available now for the Quadrivalent Vaccine.


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